Transmission Service


Transmission Problems? Here are some signs that your BMW’s transmission may need service or repair:

  1. Your check engine light or check transmission light turns on. Although you feel it is not a big deal at this point, you need to get the car in for an inspection because if left untouched, it will eventually affect performance and can indicate a serious transmission problem or fault.
  2. Transmission Fluid leak on the ground. Check your garage or driveway to see if there’s fluid there. If so, then it is most likely lowering the transmission fluid levels. A transmission fluid leak can lead to transmission failure and cause shifting problems.
  3. Drivability and performance concerns, such as:
    • The car hesitates when you accelerate
    • Slipping – when you press on the gas pedal and the engine revs but you aren’t moving forward
    • The car is shifting gears earlier or later than it is supposed to
    • You floor it and it doesn’t change into the next gear
    • You hear a strange noise when accelerating

If you notice any of the problems above, come in for an inspection or call us. Transmission problems are time-sensitive and should be handled immediately.